“Roar the lion’s knowledge…” – Rumi

OUR MISSION: To bring women closer to their primal power so they have the courage to live boldly and express courageously in all areas of their lives.

strong-women 486x366Just as athletes train themselves to be stronger for their game, we train ourselves for the game of life. We train ourselves to be bravely embodied and boldly expressed in our full power as women.

Through our fitness wear, high-powered activation events, and connected global community, we awaken your “lion within” so you can embody strength like never before and express yourself in powerful new ways.

Show Up. Be Brave. Do Good Things.

We believe in vital physical health and fitness, keeping our bodies strong. Strong in body. Strong in mind. Strong in heart. LIONGIRL celebrates the physical strength and wisdom of our bodies to help us activate “a new kind of power” that is authentic, balanced, compassionate, fierce, royal, wise, and BURNING.

Individually and together, we use our POWER to push for change, to demand greatness and do good things in the world.

LIONGIRL envisions a world where women are connected to their primal power – the vital, essential, original power that has always been there but, somewhere along the way, was shut-down, shamed, feared, or forgotten.male and female lion

In a LIONGIRL world, women will not look outside themselves for validation of their worth/power, nor will they feel the need to manipulate others to gain power. Through activation of their inner lion, women will learn to trust themselves first. They will feel empowered to do what makes them come alive, to create from their souls…thus contributing to a healthier, happier world.

Activate your Power. Come Together. See What’s Possible.

Your pride is gathering. We’re calling you in, Lion Girl, strong girl. Do you hear the roar?

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