“Roar the lion’s knowledge…” – Rumi


Strength in Action. Push for Change. Roar for More. True Strength. Power Beyond Measure.

OUR MISSION: To strengthen our connection as powerful humans and contribute to the well-being of lions in the wild.

LIONGIRL aims to activate a life of  POWER, SERVICE and LEADERSHIP through an archetypal awakening of your inner lion. Our pride members are spiritually grounded, powerful lionhearted leaders working together for the good of humanity and the well-being of lions in the wild.

Show Up. Be Brave. Do Good Things.

We believe in vital physical health and fitness, keeping our bodies strong. Strong in body. Strong in mind. Strong in heart. LIONGIRL celebrates the physical strength of our bodies and recognizes our “outer power” as a manifestation of our deep inner power that comes from our arm-in-arm partnership with the Divine.

Individually and together, we use our POWER to push for change, to demand greatness and do good things in the world.

LIONGIRL cares about contributing to Africa’s lions through awareness activities and channeling resources that best serve the restoration and balance of the human-lion relationship.

We partner with organizations who are doing good work to help lions and who believe in humanity to rise and do the right thing. We believe humans are good, strong, powerful, divine. LIONGIRL is here to activate and amplify our human power by coming together in a mighty, focused pride.

When people with purpose come together, we expand possibilities and there is no limit to what we can achieve.

Activate your Power. Come Together. See What’s Possible.

Your pride is gathering. We’re calling you in, Lion Girl, strong girl. Do you hear the roar?

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