#LIONGIRL Inspired Playlist: Wake Up to Katy Perry’s “Chained to the Rhythm”

Sometimes we need a wake up call. Sometimes we need to stub our toe, bump our head, prick ourselves on a thorny rose, or have Skip Marley come out of the TV and sing to us… If you’re looking for a new song to get you out of bed in the morning, try setting your alarm to play Katy Perry’s “Chained to the Rhythm.”

This song is currently charting the top of the #LIONGIRL playlist right now –┬ánot just ‘cuz of the easily jammable beat but because of the MESSAGE. I’m not gonna preach and bore you with a long blog – just listen to the song and watch the video – you’ll get it.

It reminds me of Wonder Woman (see the movie and this’ll make more sense) when the war pilot comes crashing down into her utopian island bubble and life can no longer be the same for her. She’s been pricked by the rose. And she’s unwilling to go back to sleep. She knows there’s something else “out there” that she’s meant to do.

“Who am I if I stay?” says Dianna (Wonder Woman) when her mother tries to stop her from going. SO POWERFUL THIS STATEMENT! Who are we, if we stay in our bubbles? If we continue to pretend we can’t see what’s really happening outside our perfectly-formed (safe) worlds?

Love Skip Marley’s role in this video. Watch it! (About the 2:45 minute mark) Who is your Skip Marley? Who is the pilot crashing down into your bubble, asking you to take off your “rose colored glasses” and take a deeper look?

Be willing to see what others can’t. Step off the hamster wheel. Get out of line. The LIONS are waking up. The pride is calling. Can you hear the roar? Join the LIONGIRL pride on Facebook.

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