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Same damn thing over and over again

Do you bump into the same issues over and over again? Have the same fights with yourself or others, struggle with the same problem that you thought was resolved?

“Why the hell is this happening again!?”


While you may feel like you’re going in a circle, consider re-framing it as a spiral taking you upward. Each time you come around the spiral and you encounter the same issue, you are back in the same place, only above it this time. You have a chance to tackle it differently (or the same) but regardless, you are moving higher and higher up the path of the spiral.

spiral staircase

The higher you get (that is the more times you must deal with the problem), the better your perspective. The more learnings you have. The more wisdom you gain to know what works and what doesn’t. The more strength you build to tolerate it – and you can start to make new choices about it.

Tackling a problem takes training and time. Just like strength training in the world of fitness – you need resistance to get stronger. With each press and curl, you build your tolerance, stamina and ability to push yourself farther than last time. In time–not overnight–you see gains.

This is why we run into the same big issues over and over again – God is like a personal trainer in the gym. Our biggest pain points and sources of struggle are training us to be stronger, wise, more tolerant – and ultimately, healthier and happier in our skin.  : )

You are so much bigger than any problem in front of you. Next time “it” rears its ugly head…remember, “I’ve done this before… I’ve trained for this a million times.”  Source your own strength, and see if you can’t breakthrough to a new level.


Even small gains are a victory. Celebrate the little wins and keep going up.


When Life Doesn’t Fit Anymore

Kids feet grow so fast! I feel like I’m buying new shoes for my kids every other week. At some point, our feet stop growing. And there we are, destined to be a size 8 our whole lives.

And while our physical growth reaches it’s peak, our psychological maturity keeps developing. And so, metaphorically, we get used to life in size 8 shoes. It works great for awhile as we find our way in the world, but eventually (I’ll even be bold enough to say inevitably) you start to feel the squeeze. The shoes (a.k.a. job, relationship, social circles, hobbies, etc.) aren’t as interesting, fulfilling, or meaningful as they used to be.

Walking in shoes too small is a phrase that Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung used to describe our propensity to ignore the calling to something bigger. Unlike our literal feet, which grow to a certain size and stop, our metaphorical feet—the drives, challenges, callings, yearnings of our careers and lives—never stop growing. Each stage of life, from infancy to old age, presents new opportunities and challenges. But often we fail to respond to the call for growth and wind up walking around in shoes too small, traveling boring roads, working jobs that do not challenge and striving for goals that do not excite. Invested in illusions of security, we are afraid to leave our old ways: the good salary, the good position, the dead but familiar relationship, the old dream long fulfilled.” -John Becknell

If you’re feeling this – You’re not crazy. You didn’t make bad choices on your way to adulthood. You are simply HUMAN. And the good news is that you’re a maturing human which means you’re growing up (consciously) and want to take control of your own life, instead of living someone else’s version of it.

Some people, when they hit this point, go through the dreaded “mid-life crisis” because they suddenly freak out when they realize they are not immortal, they don’t have limitless time, and their old life isn’t working anymore. So, I’d better fulfill every pleasurable desire of my ego possible before I die. I’ll (1) blow up my marriage. (2) Change careers. (3) Become a physique athlete. (I’ve tried # 1; now I’m trying 2 and 3…you fill in the blanks for yourself.)

I was so relieved to find out (thanks Carl Jung) that everything I’m feeling and have been feeling since about 35…is normal. The stages of human existence. We are born, and like the path of the sun, we follow an arc across the sky until we die. Mid-life (35-50 ish) is “mid-day” when the sun reaches its apex point in the sky and begins its descent.  In the first half of life as we are rising and we cannot see the ground—only wide open blue sky before us. Then, in middle life, our vantage point changes and we can see the ground, the finitude of life. Perspectives, literally, begin to shift. Values change. More soulful questions arise like: “What do I really want? Who am I? What am I here to offer?”

If you don’t know the answers to those questions, don’t worry. Most people, honestly, can’t answer those questions. It’s super hard to know who we are at the deepest level, what we’re doing, where we’re going, and what we’re in service to.

James Hollis, in his book What Matters Most: Living a Considered Life says: “Only rarely do we realize that somewhere along the way we lost psychological ‘permission’ to be who we really are.”

Instead, we have become what we have adapted to, what we have had to become to survive as a human on this plane

You were born to outgrow your shoes! Don’t be afraid to take ’em off and go barefoot for awhile. Let your toes experience the grass, the sand, the water, the mud…You don’t have to give up everything and change your whole life RIGHT NOW. That could cause more pain and suffering than is necessary. Let it be gradual. Be in the flow of this natural process of “growing up” and growing out of your old ways. Give yourself permission to experiment with soulful discovery and exploration of who you want to be—on your terms!


  1. Honor What’s Happening. Recognizing that things aren’t working, aren’t fun and fulfilling anymore, that life is feeling kinda dull, outdated and flat is a good thing. It means your soul is breaking through, working in your favor to bring something new and better into your life. Take a deep breath, know you’re not crazy, be gentle with yourself, and don’t feel pressured “to figure it out.” Adding more mental energy to the game won’t help. This is a matter of the heart and soul.
  2. Simplify Your Life. Sometimes, we gotta cocoon a little. Get in our comfy pants and stay home. Say no to social commitments (unless they nourish you.) Stop subscribing to so many e-newsletters for free things. Stop reading self-help books. Stop being a busybody to avoid feeling the fear and pain underneath it. Simplify as much as you can. Life doesn’t stop – let’s get real – but the more you can calm your outer world, the more energy you’ll have for the inner work.
  3. Spend Time in Nature. Reconnecting to our natural selves involves quiet, restorative and reflective time. Reclaiming your connection to the wind and sun and trees and animals will support your process of unraveling and restoration. The sun, especially, is a life-giving, animating force. Feel the heat on your face and recommit to a life that is uniquely, unapologetically yours. (The moon can teach you about cycles of light and dark, letting go and rebuilding. And the stars! Oh, the stars…!)
  4. Lift Heavy. Literally and figuratively. Being strong in your physical body is just as important as being strong in your mental and emotional bodies. If you’ve never lifted weights before – or are intimidated, find a coach. Start with push ups in your living room. Just get in your body and make it strong. It’s the temple of your soul. Feeling strong physically will boost your confidence and creative power. Guarantee it. And it will give you the energy to lift off the “heavy shit” that you’ve been carrying around for far too long (other people’s beliefs, ancestral wounds, cultural norms, societal pressures, etc.)
  5. Find an Ally, a Mentor. When we’re on the quest, it’s so supportive to have someone to process things with – especially a brilliant one that can reflect your own brilliance back and help you see things you couldn’t see. Be on the lookout for that person for you–someone you resonate with, or intuitively feel a connection with. Don’t be lured into self-help traps and flashy programs though. This is a time to shed other people’s concepts and return to what is yours and yours alone. (Depth psychology, Jungian analysis, Gestalt therapy, and Human Design has been good for me, for what it’s worth…)
  6. Trust the Process. Your soul is connected to a Great Creative Force. There is a love that is holding you during this time … like a sweet old grandmother making soup–she’s adding ingredients, tending to the flame, stirring, tasting, adding more of this and that, letting it simmer til it’s just right. You’re the soup. You’re simmering. You’re being created. 




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5 Ways Paddle-boarding is Like Life

1 | Stability – If you’re not stable, you’ll fall off – or have a very stressful ride. Different people need different boards. Make sure your board provides the stability you need to enjoy your ride. You might have to try a few out to find the perfect fit. Find the thing(s) that bring ease and stability into your life. A strong, stable foundation will help you feel more confident to try new things. It will also help you ride the waves more gracefully when things get rough.

“A truly stable system expects the unexpected, is prepared to be disrupted, waits to be transformed.” – Tom Robbins

2 | Falling – It can be scary, at first, to think about falling in the water. Cold. Deep. Fish. Wet. How will I get back on my board? But once you fall and realize you’re not going to die, the next fall seems less horrible. You’re forced to take a big invigorating breath – get the blood flowing/heart pumping a little, maybe even laugh at yourself, and get back on your board. You adjust. Learn. Go out even stronger than before. Next time you feel scared of failing, er, falling, take a deep breath, splash some cold water on your face, look yourself in the mirror and remember You Were Born for This.

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

3 | Awareness – You have to be aware of yourself and your surroundings, and your relationship to them. If you’re getting too close to an anchored boat, you need to navigate around it. If you see a speed boat coming, you want to be sure it sees you and you don’t get hammered in its wake. If you see ominous clouds and the wind is picking up, better be sure you’re not too far away from shore/safety. You have to look up and around. You have to be aware of the world around you. You have to be agile and willing/ready to make a move or change direction. It’s like dancing with life. It moves, you move – and vice versa. Having awareness of your internal state and the state of the external world–and your impact upon/relationship to it–helps you become the master of your life, the creator of your experience.

“Every human has four endowments – self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom … the power to choose, to respond, to change.” – Stephen Covey

4 | Kneeling – It’s OK to get on your knees and paddle. You’re not a failure. You’re not weak. If we gave ourselves permission more often to “kneel,” and not have to have it all together, it would take a lot of pressure of ourselves – and others! Lead the way with your authenticity and humility. It’s refreshing and life giving. Also, kneeling is a prayerful position, an age-old symbol of devotion, reverence, and surrender. Consider how often you actually get on your knees and ask for help? Or pray in gratitude? Doesn’t matter your relationship to religion or how “spiritual” you may be, getting low might give you knew perspective and peace to get through the turbulence!

“To ascend the mountain, we must descend to our knees.”  – Craig D. Lounsbrough

5| Balance – Strong core. Athletic stance. Bend in your knees. Paddle in hand. You’re ready for action. Being able to keep your body upright and be in control of your body movement is a key fitness skill – and one that will keep you on the board and happy and dry : ) But balance obviously applies to other areas of our lives, as well. Work/play balance. Kid/husband balance. Family-life/professional-life balance. Friend-time/alone-time balance. Salad/Ice Cream balance. Are you feeling burnt out, resentful? Good chance something is out of balance. Re-calibrate. Say “no” more. Say “yes” more. You’re smart; you know what you need to let go of, and what you need to embrace more of. Find your happy balance.

“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.” – Rumi

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Do You Dare?

Last week I had the opportunity to take a group of awesome #liongirls to a local Ropes Course. Our theme: Be brave, do bold things! Take a risk and go for it. 

We read the safety rules, got harnessed in, and took to the ropes. We each set out for the challenges that appealed to us – high slackline, wobbly barrels, swinging poles, teetering planks, etc. We screamed on some, held our breath on others, laughed at ourselves and each other (nicely), dug deep and found our courage when we got a little freaked out that we might actually fall, and cheered each other on.

“To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.” — Soren Kierkegaard


Separate But Together

I loved that we were each doing our own thing (having our own unique experience), but we were all on the ropes course at the same time, intimately aware of where our friends were at all times. Tackling the same obstacles.

Helping Others Suceeed

If we were the first to do a challenge, we would share our tips for success and what to watch out for with the person coming behind us. “Be careful, those things spin! I almost fell” and “It helps to pull the ropes, like this…”

Celebrating Ourselves and Inspiring Others

It was totally OK to celebrate our victories! “Wow, did you see me do that?”  Genuine acknowledgement of our accomplishments feels good, especially when we do something hard that pushes us beyond our comfort zones. In healthy communities, we should be able to express our pride and have others reflect back to us how amazing we are! “Yeah, that was awesome! I’m going to try it now!”

There are so many great life lessons on the Ropes. See for yourself! We have more Ropes Course events planned this summer. Come play the LIONGIRL way and experience your power like never before.

SUMMER OF POWER Aerial Park Adventures – More Info and Sign up Now!



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5 Most Common Regrets of the Dying

My friend Beth is a hospice chaplain. She has the honor of being with people and their families at the end of life. The other day she posted on her Facebook page “The Five Most Common Regrets People Express When They Are Dying.”

I’ve seen lists like these before; and they always make me pause because living #regretfree is big for me. I want to make the most of this #oneshot I’ve been given, and I hope to inspire others rise to a bigger, bolder, happier life, as well.

This time, I was particularly struck by this list of regrets because (1) they came from someone I know and deeply respect and (2) they all burn with the truth of why I started LIONGIRL.

#1 Wishing they had been more true to themselves


LIONGIRL stands for, above all, reclamation of personal power. Knowing who you are and what you’re about, believing and trusting yourself, and boldly expressing YOU in all areas of your life.

We learn at an early age that we need to fit in, align with the majority, etc. to stay alive. Rejection from our tribe, getting thrown out of the village is certain death! We begin to look for ways to fit in, slowly forgetting OUR WAY. Dress this way. Think that way. Look this way. Vote that way. Live your life this way. It’s OK for awhile. Then, it starts to feel bad, things stop working, and you begin to wake up out of the trance and wonder how the heck you got here.

The journey toward a truer version of yourself is one of the most rewarding adventures – certainly a quest I’ve been on for awhile. I used to think that shedding the layers of what’s NOT YOU takes time, patience, and that it has to be painful and serious.

But, LIONGIRL is showing me it can happen like lightning – and it can be fun! Why not? LIONGIRL knows one of the surest ways to access the truth of who you are is through the wisdom of your body. Through physical fitness, especially high energy, heart pounding, sweat pouring activities, we can more easily bypass our mental blocks, trick our “habit to conform,” and literally come alive inside of ourselves. So the next time you feel confused or uncertain about a choice or feel swept up in the river of status quo, get in your body and get in your power. Your body is where your truth resides. Put on your workout clothes, crank up the music, and see what it has to say.

#2 Wishing they hadn’t worked so hard

Lion Pride Sleeping 1 590x300

Lions sleep, like, 20 hours a day. We think of them as all noble and mighty and fierce (YES AND…) let’s face it, they PLAY and LOUNGE and SLEEP a lot. Such good reminders for those of us who think life has to be hard and success requires maximum push all the time.

#3 Wishing they had been brave enough to say how they really felt


Roar! Feel it, embody it, express it. LIONGIRL aims to inspire girls and women to be bold in their self-expression. Your greatest power comes from knowing who you are, owning it fully, and sharing it bravely with the world.

#4 Wishing they had kept in touch more with people they cared about


Our pride. Our people. Connection. Life is better together, with people we love and who love us back. LIONGIRL cares deeply about the community we are creating and the connections we make with each other.

#5 Wishing they had let themselves be happier

lionness and cubs

Why does suffering, fear, negativity, and misery have to be the default? Why do we deny ourselves happiness? LIONGIRL believes we are all POWERFUL creators and that we all have the ability to create happiness for ourselves – regardless of the wacky world around us. LIONGIRL believes in personal responsibility – that is, taking responsibility for your own life and happiness. Our birthright is JOY. Let’s reclaim it, like the royal souls we were born to be.

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Featuring LIONS from around the world. Real places. Real people sharing images and experiences of their everyday encounters with the lion archetype. Send yours to


Don’t mess with me, I’m having a peaceful moment!

-submitted by LIONGIRL pride member Jen Harper

“I run past this fountain when I do my morning runs at my mom’s place in Florida. I love seeing it as anytime I see a lion, whether it be a statue or picture or words of expression, it speaks to me…mainly because I love being a Leo sign.

“This fountain is so pretty because the water has a rotation timer. The flowers surrounding the statues are always so beautiful. I love how the lion’s expression is ‘Don’t mess with me, I’m having a peaceful moment!’ LOL!”

Adrian @ LIONGIRL Comments: This picture reminds me of the entrance to a sacred lion temple! I love the masculine lion guarding the entrance to the feminine waters…Stability and flow all in one. Protection, service, guardianship as well as beauty, mystery, and receptivity. I would love a sunrise run and meditation here! Thanks for sharing, Jen!

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Strong Like a … ANT???

Yes, I’m a lion girl, but lately ANTS have been making their appearance known. Ants in my house, ants crawling on me…(ugh). When something happens over and over to me, I begin to look at it not merely as a coincidence or annoyance, but as a MESSAGE.

Ant appearance #1: A few weeks ago on April 1, we went out to lunch for my daughter’s birthday. From out of nowhere, the people in the booth across from us began to gasp, pick up their glasses, and swiftly scoot out of the booth. I looked over, made eye contact with the mom of the family, and silently mouthed, “What happened?”

“Ants” she mouthed back, in disgust. She shuffled her family to another booth while the restaurant staff tried to remedy the situation.

Lesson #1: Ants get people’s attention and ants make people move, FAST. Ants demand some sort of action.

Ant appearance #2: “Mom, there are ants in the pool room,” said my kids a few days ago. “Ok, tell your dad, he needs to sort that out,” I said.

“There are ants in the pool room,” I told him. “Can you take care of them?”

He assured me he would. I’m honestly not sure if he ever went out there to spray them or not. I, personally, have not gone out to see if they are still there. Not my job. Someone else will do it. Outta site, outta mind, right?

Lesson #2: Don’t ignore ants. They are are persistent. They will find holes, they will find what you leave behind. And they always bring their buddies. 

Ant appearance #3: In the kitchen baking cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday party. I look down, ants. I see one, then I see many – Oh, Lord, all over my kitchen floor. EEWWW! Coming in from under the dishwasher I believe, which shares a wall with our pool room. I immediately cuss my husband for not dealing with the ants in the pool room because now they are in the kitchen!

Since I’m baking I don’t want to spray toxic fumes, so I pour baking soda all over them. (It works, you should try it…an old wives tale trick, I think, learned from my recently departed old cousin Gladys.) Then I sweep and mop. At least my kitchen floor got clean in the process.

Lesson #3: Problems will persist if not dealt with. And, yes, it is your responsibility, not someone else’s. Find alternative solutions; you might be surprised how effective they can be. Do what you can, where you are, with what you have. You are well-equipped in the moment.

Ant appearance #4: Literally, one hour ago. Sitting at my desk doing research for LIONGIRL. Totally absorbed in the content I was finding – getting so inspired with new ideas and directions, and also, truthfully, a little overwhelmed. I have so much I want to do – how will I ever get it done? All by myself? The ideas and visions are so powerful and good, but how can I do it?

God, please show me where to start? What can I do right now? 

My left shoulder blade begins to itch. I feel something crawling on my back. I reach back to flick it (whatever it is) off. Better. A few moments later, I put my hands on the keyboard to start typing and I see a little black ant crawling on my right thumb!

One lone ant. I flick him off. At first, I’m agitated. Seriously? Ants in my office now? I look around to make sure there aren’t more on my chair or under my desk. Nope, just one little ant on my hand.

Then, it happened. Light bulb moment. OK. Got it. This is a sign. So I Google “Ant Medicine” to learn the spiritual significance of ants.

Lesson #4:  You never just see one ant. Where there is one, there are many. And, together, they are mighty! I might feel alone, but there is a force of many behind me!

You are stronger than you think! Sure things are tough right now but KNOW that you will soon be reaping the rewards of all your hard work.


Here are some excerpts from my Google search:

“When Ant Medicine grabs your attention it is asking you to cooperate with your tribe (co-workers, family, projects, etc.,) in unity and patience. Ants are resolute and unwearied little creatures. Although they are tiny, they are indeed mighty. They have a strong skeleton on the “outside” of their body (exoskeleton) with specialized muscles that give them their strength. Ants can carry 30 times their weight, which would be equal to a 150 lb. person carrying a bulldozer on their back at 19,500 lbs.

The typical way to stop ant medicine is to literally stomp on it or fumigate it. If an ant is stomped on, it will emit pheromones that will draw more ants to the area. In short, ant medicine is unstoppable, tireless, patient and unified.


And one more:

“Ant’s message is about working non-stop toward your goals and forging ahead for the Good of the whole. Are you working on a project that benefits a larger audience? Have you been ignoring your tribe? Ant medicine cooperates with the tribe in harmony and wisdom toward a common goal, knowing that patience will be rewarded. Have you been cooperating with yourself on your own personal projects?

Encountering an ant you should consider that all good things come with time, and effort. Work with diligence, with conviction, and work with others in order to forge your dreams and turn them into reality. Despite their tiny size these little spirits are immensely strong, great strength of will and accomplishment can come even in the smallest of packages.

However, remain aware that nothing can be accomplished without the unity of the whole. Think about how your own contributions in your career, your family, and day to day life fit into the larger picture. No matter how small your task, or your contribution, it is still essential.


My favorite part is that ants have a strong exoskeleton on the outside and specialized muscles that give them crazy superant strength! Imagine a human carrying a bulldozer on his/her back!

LIONGIRL aims to unite a powerful pride of women who are absolutely strong on the outside – physically fit, healthy, and so very ALIVE in their bodies – but who also have “specialized muscles” on the inside that give them superhuman power. These are muscles of the heart that burn not with lactic acid but with compassion, empathy, respect and love for all Creation.

Let’s be unstoppable and tireless, patient and unified like a colony of ants. But ants probably won’t sell t-shirts. So, here’s to our pride of strong women, working together for the good of the whole, roaring for the things that matter to us and to the world.

#liongirl #liongirlpride #newkindofpower #roarformore

Join the pride here. 

P.S. In looking for a picture for this blog, I googled Ants and in the middle of all these ant pictures is a lion. WHAT?! So clearly there is a tie between ants and lions. Google says so, so it is so.  

ants google search





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See the World Through a Lion’s Eyes

Man must make two connections. He must reconnect with the earth and he must reconnect with the stars. 

– Credo Mutwa, lion priest and guardian of Africa’s sacred knowledge

I cannot pretend to know what it’s like to be a lion. I cannot pretend to know what they think, how they feel, or how they see and experience the world.

But I can imagine.

And it starts by reconnecting with the earth and with the stars, as high priest Crudo Mutwa explains in the quote above.

The earth and the stars will always bring us home to our hearts — to that place of peace and surrender and humility, where joy is imminent and everlasting.  The place where time stops racing, anxiety and fear cease. Where audible exhales give our overloaded nervous systems permission to relax.

Your inner lion (or lioness), who is deeply connected to the earth and stars, is longing for a relationship with you. Will you step in a bit closer and get to know the world through his/her eyes?

LIONGIRL has created a free, 8-week virtual SOUL SAFARI to help you reconnect with the earth and stars and, in turn, awaken your brave, courageous, and oh-so-powerful lion heart. As we roam the inner wilds of our sacred pridelands with other lionhearts, we will begin to activate a new kind of spiritually-grounded power that will most certainly open up a new world of possibilities – for your own life and for the world.

Warning: You may never see the world in quite the same way again! Let’s journey together! Click here to get more details and save your spot in the Land Rover.

Developing a beloved relationship with one’s inner Lion enables you to see, feel, touch, intuit and imagine the world in a deeply connected and sacred way. I believe this is how we save the lions…by first saving the lion in us.”

– Adrian Sparrow, found”her” of LIONGIRL

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Catching the Christ: A dream I had and a dream I have for humanity

I had an intense dream two nights ago. As dreams go, I can’t remember all of it but a few potent details remain burned in my consciousness, haunting me…I feel like I’m meant to DO SOMETHING with the dream. So for now, I will write it down and we’ll see where it goes…

I was with Mary during the birth of Jesus. She was in labor, struggling during the hardest moments of transition. She was naked, dirty, barefoot. We were outside in some remote deserted town, and it was nighttime. I could see a fire burning in the distance. She was walking around, squatting, moaning, bleeding… I was trying to calm her, encourage her.

She told me, “I need you to catch him when he comes out.” I started to come closer, but in her next gasp, the baby came rushing out of her. She caught him–I was too late, it happened too fast. However, she immediately put the baby in my arms. As if it was somehow mine as much as hers.

I specifically remember how big the newborn was. A large, heavy, healthy baby boy. I remember how proud I was to hold him. I also remember the “sigh” I heard when she caught him. It was a loud collective sigh of many people – so much relief that he was here and safe and everything was going to be ok. There was also this sense of amazement and wonder at the strength of Mary. She caught her own son as he was coming out of her. Such a warrior-queen. I’m pretty sure Mary was a LIONGIRL. : )

The imagery in my dream was so obviously Mary-Jesus-Bethlehem-esque but it didn’t feel like “back in the day.” It felt current, like it could’ve happened yesterday. I remember being shocked by her dirty nakedness…by the raw, primal intensity of her labor process out in the open at night. I was a little scared to be witnessing it. I was the only one there…just she and I. And then when the baby came and she handed him to me, Mary drifted from my awareness and it became just him and I.

Who is this miracle baby she handed to me? Jesus…a symbol of hope, light, and a new kind of divine leadership that is grounded in love, service, compassion and justice. Unconditional love, embodied courage – the kind that can save humanity. It’s in my hands. And yours. This baby born from the stars is all of ours–ours to nurture, ours to learn from, ours to share. Want to hold him?

mary and jesus

Doesn’t matter if you subscribe to a Christian worldview or not, the mythic symbolism in the dream is what’s important. Every day as humans we have the choice to take the light in our hands and do something good with it. In fact, it’s our greatest privilege and responsibility.

LIONGIRL, as an athletic brand, is more importantly an activation of a new kind of power – a spiritually-grounded and divinely enacted power that comes from our connection to our One Creative Source. LIONGIRL power is gritty and raw and sweaty and also sparkling and royal, like diamonds. It dances to the drumbeat of the earth and knows the language of the stars. Like Mary, who completely surrendered to her calling as Mother of the Messiah, we, as a LIONGIRL pride, are boldly surrendering to our Great Calling each and every day as we choose to step into a life of power, service, and leadership. (I can hear the collective sigh again.) May we all be supported as we birth light into the world, and be there to catch it for each other.

Visit the LIONGIRL pridelands on Facebook. Join the community and conversation, where we’re talking about lions, humanity, and real power.


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To Grow You Must Let Go

“To grow you must let go.”  This was my 3 a.m. wake up call. From somewhere in dreamland, my higher mind was busy.

I knew it was good, and I wanted to remember it…But it was 3 a.m. and I didn’t feel like crawling out of bed to find a pen and paper to write it down.

The dream voice kept going…”The bigger your dreams, the bigger your surrender.”

Lordy, that is good.  Groggy, I stumbled to my office, found a pen and paper and jotted down these messages.

With each letting in, with every vulnerability, there is a contraction, then a release. ..

When you are approaching a greater expansion and expression of your true essence, there is that moment of terror, that moment of “what will people think?” You’re opening up risky territory…there’s a chance for rejection. A chance for failure.

I felt this yesterday when I published the LIONGIRL Company Facebook page. I was inviting friends to the page and felt part of myself resisting. I felt the contraction, the terror of exposure. The terror of being seen (and maybe not liked, God forbid).

This morning at 3 a.m. I wrote, “It’s OK. Be willing to risk it. You’ll never know if you don’t try.”

Letting people in, letting people see the REAL YOU is kinda scary sometimes. Bless the fear and contraction that comes and then let it go like a giant gorgeous exhale. In, out, in out. This is the natural way, the only way perhaps.

As if this middle-of-the-night-full-moon revelation wasn’t enough, my little girl who was sleeping in bed with me sweetly mumbled to me when I came back to bed, “Face in toward me for awhile, mom. (I had been sleeping with my back to her). This is how I will live my life. In for awhile, then out for awhile.” She literally said this and then blissfully went back to sleep. 7 years old. 3 a.m. Who is this child?

Guess I’m being called to “face in” for awhile. To let go, to grow, to surrender big.

When I visited the royal White Lion pride in Timbavati, South Africa last November, I remember seeing them look up a lot. Maybe they were watching vultures soar overhead…but there was something about their surrender and connection in that moment. Something more mystical and beautiful. As if they were releasing every part of their experience in that moment to their Divine Source and filling up with new energy, new power, new light.

Thank you LIONGIRL for helping me grow beyond myself, so that I can step into a life of service and leadership–and for showing me what true power feels like. It’s not big. It’s not showy. It’s subtle and natural and humble. It’s looking up and exhaling. And then doing it all over again, except from a higher place of freedom.

looking up To grow, you must let go…

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