We are coming for you!

The Lions are coming; they’re coming for you! (And they’re going to devour you.)

I used to be afraid of this picture. A wise teacher told me not too long ago to find a picture that evokes fear in you…One that gets your heart racing, makes you feel like hiding.

So, I did a Google image search and this one totally did it. I saw three powerful male lions  (and likely more) racing toward me to eat me up. I was destined for a bloody, gruesome death.

My teacher told us to put the picture somewhere where we could see it every day. To spend time with it…see what wisdom and truth we could garner from it.

Well, after several weeks with the “mean” lions, something extraordinary happened. One day, I looked at the picture and my perspective had completely shifted.

No longer was I being pursued by the lions as their next meal. I was one of them. I was running with them. I was part of the pride.

I went from prey to predator. And from my new powerful perspective of BEING the LION, I wasn’t running to kill or hunt or hurt anything…I was running with a newfound sense of purpose, leadership, and courage. I was running to find more like me. My pride. Our pride.

In my imagination, our pride was growing bigger by the moment, our thunderous paws creating a roaring ripple through the body of the earth – calling more toward us. It was joyous! A true celebration. It felt like a victory lap – we had won!

We HAVE won, dear lionhearts. We have already won! You are, we are the chosen ones. You are being called back to the pride – can you hear the roar?

You are a hero. You have always been the hero. It’s time now to return to the kingdom.

We have all been on a hero’s journey – the mythic story of the development of the human soul and psyche. The archetypal “call to the quest” that helps us find ourselves…who we really are. We face and slay the dragons and then return to the kingdom to help our people. To transform our world. Our newfound courage, compassion, experience, and perspective is ready to SERVE OTHERS. We know who we are are. And we are ready to fully express ourselves in the world in wholeness and integrity.

Carol S. Pearson in her book Awakening the Heroes Within speaks of the return to the kingdom like this: “Our task then becomes to find adequate ways to express ourselves in the world, and in so doing make the contributions we alone can make to bring joy to our own lives and help the wasteland bloom.”

I don’t believe we need to walk the hero’s path alone anymore. It’s not all on my shoulders, or your shoulders…or the shoulders of the most brave and willing.

I believe it is time to roar into the kingdom as a mighty, focused pride. With spiritually-grounded strength, a servant’s heart, a warrior’s spirit, and a lover’s passion, we can (together!) announce the blooming of the wasteland–And what if, what if, it was already done? What if the land was already whole, and fertile, and blooming, and thriving? What if it just took a change of heart, a new perspective to see that the perfection has always been there.

Take a look at the picture for awhile. See if something changes for you.

Come, hero! And join the pride. We are coming for you! Let’s roar into the kingdom with a new kind of power, freedom, joy, and fierce determination that the world has been longing to feel.

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