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Catching the Christ: A dream I had and a dream I have for humanity

I had an intense dream two nights ago. As dreams go, I can’t remember all of it but a few potent details remain burned in my consciousness, haunting me…I feel like I’m meant to DO SOMETHING with the dream. So for now, I will write it down and we’ll see where it goes…

I was with Mary during the birth of Jesus. She was in labor, struggling during the hardest moments of transition. She was naked, dirty, barefoot. We were outside in some remote deserted town, and it was nighttime. I could see a fire burning in the distance. She was walking around, squatting, moaning, bleeding… I was trying to calm her, encourage her.

She told me, “I need you to catch him when he comes out.” I started to come closer, but in her next gasp, the baby came rushing out of her. She caught him–I was too late, it happened too fast. However, she immediately put the baby in my arms. As if it was somehow mine as much as hers.

I specifically remember how big the newborn was. A large, heavy, healthy baby boy. I remember how proud I was to hold him. I also remember the “sigh” I heard when she caught him. It was a loud collective sigh of many people – so much relief that he was here and safe and everything was going to be ok. There was also this sense of amazement and wonder at the strength of Mary. She caught her own son as he was coming out of her. Such a warrior-queen. I’m pretty sure Mary was a LIONGIRL. : )

The imagery in my dream was so obviously Mary-Jesus-Bethlehem-esque but it didn’t feel like “back in the day.” It felt current, like it could’ve happened yesterday. I remember being shocked by her dirty nakedness…by the raw, primal intensity of her labor process out in the open at night. I was a little scared to be witnessing it. I was the only one there…just she and I. And then when the baby came and she handed him to me, Mary drifted from my awareness and it became just him and I.

Who is this miracle baby she handed to me? Jesus…a symbol of hope, light, and a new kind of divine leadership that is grounded in love, service, compassion and justice. Unconditional love, embodied courage – the kind that can save humanity. It’s in my hands. And yours. This baby born from the stars is all of ours–ours to nurture, ours to learn from, ours to share. Want to hold him?

mary and jesus

Doesn’t matter if you subscribe to a Christian worldview or not, the mythic symbolism in the dream is what’s important. Every day as humans we have the choice to take the light in our hands and do something good with it. In fact, it’s our greatest privilege and responsibility.

LIONGIRL, as an athletic brand, is more importantly an activation of a new kind of power – a spiritually-grounded and divinely enacted power that comes from our connection to our One Creative Source. LIONGIRL power is gritty and raw and sweaty and also sparkling and royal, like diamonds. It dances to the drumbeat of the earth and knows the language of the stars. Like Mary, who completely surrendered to her calling as Mother of the Messiah, we, as a LIONGIRL pride, are boldly surrendering to our Great Calling each and every day as we choose to step into a life of power, service, and leadership. (I can hear the collective sigh again.) May we all be supported as we birth light into the world, and be there to catch it for each other.

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