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Don’t mess with me, I’m having a peaceful moment!

-submitted by LIONGIRL pride member Jen Harper

“I run past this fountain when I do my morning runs at my mom’s place in Florida. I love seeing it as anytime I see a lion, whether it be a statue or picture or words of expression, it speaks to me…mainly because I love being a Leo sign.

“This fountain is so pretty because the water has a rotation timer. The flowers surrounding the statues are always so beautiful. I love how the lion’s expression is ‘Don’t mess with me, I’m having a peaceful moment!’ LOL!”

Adrian @ LIONGIRL Comments: This picture reminds me of the entrance to a sacred lion temple! I love the masculine lion guarding the entrance to the feminine waters…Stability and flow all in one. Protection, service, guardianship as well as beauty, mystery, and receptivity. I would love a sunrise run and meditation here! Thanks for sharing, Jen!

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