Personal Power

Do You Dare?

Last week I had the opportunity to take a group of awesome #liongirls to a local Ropes Course. Our theme: Be brave, do bold things! Take a risk and go for it. 

We read the safety rules, got harnessed in, and took to the ropes. We each set out for the challenges that appealed to us – high slackline, wobbly barrels, swinging poles, teetering planks, etc. We screamed on some, held our breath on others, laughed at ourselves and each other (nicely), dug deep and found our courage when we got a little freaked out that we might actually fall, and cheered each other on.

“To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.” — Soren Kierkegaard


Separate But Together

I loved that we were each doing our own thing (having our own unique experience), but we were all on the ropes course at the same time, intimately aware of where our friends were at all times. Tackling the same obstacles.

Helping Others Suceeed

If we were the first to do a challenge, we would share our tips for success and what to watch out for with the person coming behind us. “Be careful, those things spin! I almost fell” and “It helps to pull the ropes, like this…”

Celebrating Ourselves and Inspiring Others

It was totally OK to celebrate our victories! “Wow, did you see me do that?”  Genuine acknowledgement of our accomplishments feels good, especially when we do something hard that pushes us beyond our comfort zones. In healthy communities, we should be able to express our pride and have others reflect back to us how amazing we are! “Yeah, that was awesome! I’m going to try it now!”

There are so many great life lessons on the Ropes. See for yourself! We have more Ropes Course events planned this summer. Come play the LIONGIRL way and experience your power like never before.

SUMMER OF POWER Aerial Park Adventures – More Info and Sign up Now!



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