Personal Power

Same damn thing over and over again

Do you bump into the same issues over and over again? Have the same fights with yourself or others, struggle with the same problem that you thought was resolved?

“Why the hell is this happening again!?”


While you may feel like you’re going in a circle, consider re-framing it as a spiral taking you upward. Each time you come around the spiral and you encounter the same issue, you are back in the same place, only above it this time. You have a chance to tackle it differently (or the same) but regardless, you are moving higher and higher up the path of the spiral.

spiral staircase

The higher you get (that is the more times you must deal with the problem), the better your perspective. The more learnings you have. The more wisdom you gain to know what works and what doesn’t. The more strength you build to tolerate it – and you can start to make new choices about it.

Tackling a problem takes training and time. Just like strength training in the world of fitness – you need resistance to get stronger. With each press and curl, you build your tolerance, stamina and ability to push yourself farther than last time. In time–not overnight–you see gains.

This is why we run into the same big issues over and over again – God is like a personal trainer in the gym. Our biggest pain points and sources of struggle are training us to be stronger, wise, more tolerant – and ultimately, healthier and happier in our skin.  : )

You are so much bigger than any problem in front of you. Next time “it” rears its ugly head…remember, “I’ve done this before… I’ve trained for this a million times.”  Source your own strength, and see if you can’t breakthrough to a new level.


Even small gains are a victory. Celebrate the little wins and keep going up.

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