Personal Power

Feel Powerless? Stuck? These Three Words Will Help You Take Empowered Action

The smallest things can make a big difference.

We make life too complicated, forget how capable and powerful we are.

As a writer and professional communicator, I take words really seriously. Sometimes, I see, read, or hear words that have a special kind of resonance…A stunning quality to them that “zings” me.

When I came across these three words the other day, that “zing” happened.

So I will…

Imagine you were complaining about something, like, “I have a big project at work and I have to work late and I won’t have time to workout…(so poor me, this day is gonna suck and I’m never gonna reach my goals with a job like this.)”

What if, instead, you inserted “so I will”? It sounds like this:

“I have a big project at work and I have to work late and I won’t have time to workout…so I will …

Can you feel the pause, the power returning to YOU?

The other train of thought gives your power away to the circumstance. “So I will” is like a stop sign for your brain. As you roll up to that four-way stop, you (hopefully) Stop. Look around. Make a decision. Then proceed.

So I will is the new four-way stop to help you take empowered action!

30-day money back guarantee that this works for anyone, any situation. I’m thinking of my mom who is a full-time caregiver for my dad with Alzheimer’s. She is giving her life to this man and the disease that has taken away a lot of her freedom. But has the situation taken away her power? No, never. Nothing can take away our ability to choose differently.

“I’ve been stuck in this house for a week. I can’t leave to get groceries. I can’t relax in my own home. I’ve lost touch with friends…”

Step one is to catch yourself in this train of thought.

Take a deep breath.

Say “So I will” and insert a simple, empowered step you can take in this moment. Doesn’t have to be life altering. It can be something like, “So I will take 5 minutes to sit down. So I will say a little prayer. So I will ask for help.” (Author’s note: by the way, my mom has never complained about her situation to me like that. I only assume she feels that way and it provided a nice example. She is a true rock star with a ginormous heart for others and she does have people who help her. You’re doing great, mom.) 

Let’s try it with the earlier example about a long work day and having no time to get to the gym. “So I will take a walk at lunch. So I will get up an hour earlier and get my workout in. So I will commit to eating healthy instead and not beat myself up.”

What a difference THREE WORDS can make in our energy, outlook, and outcomes.

Think of a situation that you feel helpless about, stuck in. Try it! “So I Will…”

Did it work? Is there something, some little thing, that you can do right now that changes the trajectory of that situation? It doesn’t have you, you have it! You get to be in control.

You’re a LIONGIRL with a divine nature. You’ve forgotten that you have access to great wisdom and power to create your life, on your terms. Our purpose as a pride is to help each other activate that crazy powerful warrior-spirit so you can do things your way – and be happier and healthier for it.

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