The lactic acid in my legs from yesterday’s workout is making it painful to get in my truck and walk up stairs.  Cringe – Silent “ouches” every time I bend over to load the dishwasher...

My brain is tired from a full day’s work at the computer and juggling kids who are still on summer break with my flexible work-from-home schedule. Cringe – Another TV show won’t kill them, right?

I just got back from the store where I spent too much money on lemon sorbet, cookie dough Haagen Dazs, and scented bath bombs for my kids. Cringe – I feel guilty and save the coupon on the receipt that I secretly know I’ll never use.

This is my real life day. My magical 8-8-17 LIONSGATE portal day. The day where the Sun and Sirius are teaming up to pour their uber powerful star light into our lives for our soul expansion and higher good.

I had planned to get up early for a sunrise ritual.

But I slept in.

I had planned to write an inspiring blog post about all the awesome connections and opportunities to activate our LION power today.

I had planned to sit in quiet contemplation and receive the beautiful, loving LEO light that today offers…

But now the sun’s about to set on this glorious day, and I find myself feeling guilty. Like somehow I wasted today. Like I didn’t prioritize well. Like I didn’t do what a spiritually-grounded “lionhearted leader” should’ve done.

Then I listen to Demi Lovato’s song “Lionheart,” and with tears in my eyes, I remember…

I hugged my children a lot today.

I walked my dogs.

I cleaned my kitchen and did (several loads of) laundry.

I went for a run.

I felt the sun on my face.

I watched it rain.

I took a picture of a flower.

I took care of business for my clients and did good work that I enjoyed.

I cooked food.

I paid bills.

I listened to my daughter play the piano.

I discussed a book with my son.

I did a lot – perhaps nothing incredibly spectacular to save the world, but for me and my world today, it’s enough.

And tonight after my kids are in bed, I will kneel down and pray. I will give thanks for this day, for my healthy (albeit aching) body, for my beautiful family and friends. For the opportunity to be alive. To be a human on this planet. To experience the freedom of my own breath. The beating of my own heart.

I will go outside and look up, and I will remember that my veins pulse with the diamond-star blood of kings and queens. I will feel my feet on the cold earth, and I will remember that I am a holy child of God, blessed with the divine lineage of the Creator. I will close my eyes tonight in peace, knowing that the “eye of the One” is watching over me and that I did good today simply because I lived.

Listen to this song and let it remind you of your place among the stars. We are lionhearts! Can you hear the roar? Join the LIONGIRL pride on Facebook.

**Thanks to my dear friend Lisa Suazo for sharing this song with me a few days ago! So love it.



#LIONGIRL Inspired Playlist: Wake Up to Katy Perry’s “Chained to the Rhythm”

Sometimes we need a wake up call. Sometimes we need to stub our toe, bump our head, prick ourselves on a thorny rose, or have Skip Marley come out of the TV and sing to us… If you’re looking for a new song to get you out of bed in the morning, try setting your alarm to play Katy Perry’s “Chained to the Rhythm.”

This song is currently charting the top of the #LIONGIRL playlist right now – not just ‘cuz of the easily jammable beat but because of the MESSAGE. I’m not gonna preach and bore you with a long blog – just listen to the song and watch the video – you’ll get it.

It reminds me of Wonder Woman (see the movie and this’ll make more sense) when the war pilot comes crashing down into her utopian island bubble and life can no longer be the same for her. She’s been pricked by the rose. And she’s unwilling to go back to sleep. She knows there’s something else “out there” that she’s meant to do.

“Who am I if I stay?” says Dianna (Wonder Woman) when her mother tries to stop her from going. SO POWERFUL THIS STATEMENT! Who are we, if we stay in our bubbles? If we continue to pretend we can’t see what’s really happening outside our perfectly-formed (safe) worlds?

Love Skip Marley’s role in this video. Watch it! (About the 2:45 minute mark) Who is your Skip Marley? Who is the pilot crashing down into your bubble, asking you to take off your “rose colored glasses” and take a deeper look?

Be willing to see what others can’t. Step off the hamster wheel. Get out of line. The LIONS are waking up. The pride is calling. Can you hear the roar? Join the LIONGIRL pride on Facebook.