Not Gonna Lie, This Has Nothing To Do with Lions ~ It’s a Frog Blog

*If you don’t read the whole post, at least scroll down and watch the video. But it will mean more if you read the post. So just read it : )

Long day behind the computer. Kids were fighting and tired from the new school schedule. It was time to cook dinner – “the witching hour” as moms know it. Felt like a volcano about to pop. What do I do?

Clapping my hands loudly and fiercely to get their attention: “Alright, kids, we’re going to the park. You’re going to play while I run a few loops around the lake.” They are not thrilled, but I don’t care. I AM DOING THIS, and they are coming with me. Oh, yes, I will force you to play, the evil mother I am.

I pile them in the truck (still whining and fighting). It’s a gorgeous summer evening. I’m glad I made it here. Headsets on, I take off on the small loop around the lakes at Purple Park. I stop at every bench along the way and do some pushups, tricep dips, step ups, squats, etc. I wave at my kids as I pass them. My son is sitting in the grass by himself. My daughter is alone at the top of the play structure. They are annoyed with each other, not wanting to be near the other.

I’m sweating now, breathing hard, and I can feel the wear and tear of the day melting away. I feel stronger, happier, more connected to my power with each step. After my first loop, I can see something is working for my kids, too. They are together now – they are smiling, running, playing. Music in my ears pumps me up – I smile, too, and run to the next bench.

My kids are now at the lake’s edge, discovering new things in the water – a frog in process of his transformation – a tadpole with hind legs. There are two of them in the water. My kids call me over to meet their new “friends.” Bill and Joe are their names.

I finish my second loop, grab my water, and join my kids and Bill and Joe for a few final minutes of lake discovery, and then we all pile back into the truck (this time they WANT to ride together in the back of the truck and I let them – it’s a short drive home.)

Within that one hour, we were all transformed. We reset ourselves. Wow, we are powerful like that, I think. We went from a crazy, angry, separated existence to a relaxed, happy, unified existence.

Divine intelligence knows how to change those eggs into frogs, and WE, as humans, have the power to tap into that higher knowing, that flow and pulse of life pulling us toward greater and greater possibilities. Greater and greater experiences of connection, love, and power.

Our bodies, exposed to a different environment with different stimuli, responded and gave our minds something new to focus on. Getting out of the four walls of our house (and out of the mental prison of our hamster-wheel day), freed our beyond-the-brain intelligence to interact with life (and each other) in a new way.

“Metamorphosis – I’m gonna be more than this…I’m a transformer it is true.” Check out the Metamorphosis Rap below. Sometimes we need a reminder that WE ARE MORE THAN THIS. We are powerful beyond measure. Break free. Join the #LIONGIRLpride and let’s have fun being present IN OUR BODIES, present IN OUR LIVES, and present IN THE WORLD. Powerful ambassadors for a new kind of embodied courage and power.

And if you’re local, join me at LIONGIRL LOOP for a workout and #liongirl activation. We’ll run the rolling hills around the lake, stop at the benches for some power blasts to get our hearts pumping and then activate our lion power together in circle. Maybe say hi to Bill and Joe, too : )

OMG, I’m still singing “Metamorphosis….gonna be more than this….I’m a transformer it is true…” (watch the video)

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