This is to be queen

Today I’m feeling (with great intensity and emotion) the royal power of the LIONGIRL roar. I’m asking deep in my heart: What is it to be queen? What is the coronation oath of a LIONGIRL stepping into her divine power? What is the call to service, the duty, the responsibility?

I googled Queen Elizabeth’s coronation and watched the video on YouTube. (see below) I got chills. I cried. I was moved by the ritual and ceremony, the beauty and formality, the recognition of holy power under God and the great responsibility of a queen to her people.

And then the next video “recommended for me” was about Princess Diana of Wales. I ended up sitting through a 40-minute documentary on her tormented life in the House of Windsor, her motherhood, her failing marriage, her divorce, her humanitarianism, her tragic death at age 36…just when she was beginning to fall in love again.

Ironically and blessedly, twenty years ago today, Aug. 30, was Diana’s last day on earth. She died Aug. 31, 1997. I can feel her whispering in my ear. My consciousness is filled with her sorrow, her suffering, her joy, her passion, and her sacrifice.

She lived a war. She saved a people. She died in love.

Her story brings me to my knees in grief. There’s something about her life and, even more so, about her death, that stirs my heart so intensely. Something about her screams to my soul and asks “what is real?” “what is the truth?”  “where do I stand, really, in the mix of it all?”

And then I realize that the regal allure of queenship has dimmed in my imagination; it’s not so sparkly and golden and glamorous. Not so much about the title and the power. It’s about the pain and the fortitude and the compassion and the fight for what’s right and just.

princess diana and son

A queen must abandon the safety of her throne. She must break out of the constraints of the palace walls. She must be among the people–the smell and sweat of humanity makes her come alive, born anew with purpose…one that goes beyond her own skin. She is infused with a sense of duty and even though it may feel heavy at times, she would have it no other way. She holds the world in her hands. And in her heart. A queen has come for loving service. Not for the sake of her own soul, but for the soul of the world. This is LIONGIRL.


To put a crown on your head is not to be queen.


To be on the throne, orb and scepter in hand, is not to be queen.


To sit soberly while a golden cloak is draped upon your shoulders is not to be queen.


To watch from afar, a prisoner in your own castle, is not to be queen.


To look into the eyes of children and see promise and possibility for a new world, this is to be queen.


To put hope in the hearts of the least of these, this is to be queen.


To lie awake at night, suffering the pain of a dying kingdom, this is to be queen.


To ache with a love so fierce, it drives you to your knees in surrender…To quiet yourself enough to be able to hear the chorus of an otherworldly song and then to choose to dance to THAT tune instead of the one being sold to you, this is to be queen.


No crown. No orb. No scepter. Stripped of the gowns, the jewels, the flashing lights, the noisy crowd.


To be in silence. In rapture. In peace. Unshakable courage and divine grace.


A humble servant of her people. Authentic sacrificial service that gives birth to new realities. This is to be queen.


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