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Strong Like a … ANT???

Yes, I’m a lion girl, but lately ANTS have been making their appearance known. Ants in my house, ants crawling on me…(ugh). When something happens over and over to me, I begin to look at it not merely as a coincidence or annoyance, but as a MESSAGE.

Ant appearance #1: A few weeks ago on April 1, we went out to lunch for my daughter’s birthday. From out of nowhere, the people in the booth across from us began to gasp, pick up their glasses, and swiftly scoot out of the booth. I looked over, made eye contact with the mom of the family, and silently mouthed, “What happened?”

“Ants” she mouthed back, in disgust. She shuffled her family to another booth while the restaurant staff tried to remedy the situation.

Lesson #1: Ants get people’s attention and ants make people move, FAST. Ants demand some sort of action.

Ant appearance #2: “Mom, there are ants in the pool room,” said my kids a few days ago. “Ok, tell your dad, he needs to sort that out,” I said.

“There are ants in the pool room,” I told him. “Can you take care of them?”

He assured me he would. I’m honestly not sure if he ever went out there to spray them or not. I, personally, have not gone out to see if they are still there. Not my job. Someone else will do it. Outta site, outta mind, right?

Lesson #2: Don’t ignore ants. They are are persistent. They will find holes, they will find what you leave behind. And they always bring their buddies. 

Ant appearance #3: In the kitchen baking cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday party. I look down, ants. I see one, then I see many – Oh, Lord, all over my kitchen floor. EEWWW! Coming in from under the dishwasher I believe, which shares a wall with our pool room. I immediately cuss my husband for not dealing with the ants in the pool room because now they are in the kitchen!

Since I’m baking I don’t want to spray toxic fumes, so I pour baking soda all over them. (It works, you should try it…an old wives tale trick, I think, learned from my recently departed old cousin Gladys.) Then I sweep and mop. At least my kitchen floor got clean in the process.

Lesson #3: Problems will persist if not dealt with. And, yes, it is your responsibility, not someone else’s. Find alternative solutions; you might be surprised how effective they can be. Do what you can, where you are, with what you have. You are well-equipped in the moment.

Ant appearance #4: Literally, one hour ago. Sitting at my desk doing research for LIONGIRL. Totally absorbed in the content I was finding – getting so inspired with new ideas and directions, and also, truthfully, a little overwhelmed. I have so much I want to do – how will I ever get it done? All by myself? The ideas and visions are so powerful and good, but how can I do it?

God, please show me where to start? What can I do right now? 

My left shoulder blade begins to itch. I feel something crawling on my back. I reach back to flick it (whatever it is) off. Better. A few moments later, I put my hands on the keyboard to start typing and I see a little black ant crawling on my right thumb!

One lone ant. I flick him off. At first, I’m agitated. Seriously? Ants in my office now? I look around to make sure there aren’t more on my chair or under my desk. Nope, just one little ant on my hand.

Then, it happened. Light bulb moment. OK. Got it. This is a sign. So I Google “Ant Medicine” to learn the spiritual significance of ants.

Lesson #4:  You never just see one ant. Where there is one, there are many. And, together, they are mighty! I might feel alone, but there is a force of many behind me!

You are stronger than you think! Sure things are tough right now but KNOW that you will soon be reaping the rewards of all your hard work.


Here are some excerpts from my Google search:

“When Ant Medicine grabs your attention it is asking you to cooperate with your tribe (co-workers, family, projects, etc.,) in unity and patience. Ants are resolute and unwearied little creatures. Although they are tiny, they are indeed mighty. They have a strong skeleton on the “outside” of their body (exoskeleton) with specialized muscles that give them their strength. Ants can carry 30 times their weight, which would be equal to a 150 lb. person carrying a bulldozer on their back at 19,500 lbs.

The typical way to stop ant medicine is to literally stomp on it or fumigate it. If an ant is stomped on, it will emit pheromones that will draw more ants to the area. In short, ant medicine is unstoppable, tireless, patient and unified.


And one more:

“Ant’s message is about working non-stop toward your goals and forging ahead for the Good of the whole. Are you working on a project that benefits a larger audience? Have you been ignoring your tribe? Ant medicine cooperates with the tribe in harmony and wisdom toward a common goal, knowing that patience will be rewarded. Have you been cooperating with yourself on your own personal projects?

Encountering an ant you should consider that all good things come with time, and effort. Work with diligence, with conviction, and work with others in order to forge your dreams and turn them into reality. Despite their tiny size these little spirits are immensely strong, great strength of will and accomplishment can come even in the smallest of packages.

However, remain aware that nothing can be accomplished without the unity of the whole. Think about how your own contributions in your career, your family, and day to day life fit into the larger picture. No matter how small your task, or your contribution, it is still essential.


My favorite part is that ants have a strong exoskeleton on the outside and specialized muscles that give them crazy superant strength! Imagine a human carrying a bulldozer on his/her back!

LIONGIRL aims to unite a powerful pride of women who are absolutely strong on the outside – physically fit, healthy, and so very ALIVE in their bodies – but who also have “specialized muscles” on the inside that give them superhuman power. These are muscles of the heart that burn not with lactic acid but with compassion, empathy, respect and love for all Creation.

Let’s be unstoppable and tireless, patient and unified like a colony of ants. But ants probably won’t sell t-shirts. So, here’s to our pride of strong women, working together for the good of the whole, roaring for the things that matter to us and to the world.

#liongirl #liongirlpride #newkindofpower #roarformore

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P.S. In looking for a picture for this blog, I googled Ants and in the middle of all these ant pictures is a lion. WHAT?! So clearly there is a tie between ants and lions. Google says so, so it is so.  

ants google search





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See the World Through a Lion’s Eyes

Man must make two connections. He must reconnect with the earth and he must reconnect with the stars. 

– Credo Mutwa, lion priest and guardian of Africa’s sacred knowledge

I cannot pretend to know what it’s like to be a lion. I cannot pretend to know what they think, how they feel, or how they see and experience the world.

But I can imagine.

And it starts by reconnecting with the earth and with the stars, as high priest Crudo Mutwa explains in the quote above.

The earth and the stars will always bring us home to our hearts — to that place of peace and surrender and humility, where joy is imminent and everlasting.  The place where time stops racing, anxiety and fear cease. Where audible exhales give our overloaded nervous systems permission to relax.

Your inner lion (or lioness), who is deeply connected to the earth and stars, is longing for a relationship with you. Will you step in a bit closer and get to know the world through his/her eyes?

LIONGIRL has created a free, 8-week virtual SOUL SAFARI to help you reconnect with the earth and stars and, in turn, awaken your brave, courageous, and oh-so-powerful lion heart. As we roam the inner wilds of our sacred pridelands with other lionhearts, we will begin to activate a new kind of spiritually-grounded power that will most certainly open up a new world of possibilities – for your own life and for the world.

Warning: You may never see the world in quite the same way again! Let’s journey together! Click here to get more details and save your spot in the Land Rover.

Developing a beloved relationship with one’s inner Lion enables you to see, feel, touch, intuit and imagine the world in a deeply connected and sacred way. I believe this is how we save the lions…by first saving the lion in us.”

– Adrian Sparrow, found”her” of LIONGIRL

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Catching the Christ: A dream I had and a dream I have for humanity

I had an intense dream two nights ago. As dreams go, I can’t remember all of it but a few potent details remain burned in my consciousness, haunting me…I feel like I’m meant to DO SOMETHING with the dream. So for now, I will write it down and we’ll see where it goes…

I was with Mary during the birth of Jesus. She was in labor, struggling during the hardest moments of transition. She was naked, dirty, barefoot. We were outside in some remote deserted town, and it was nighttime. I could see a fire burning in the distance. She was walking around, squatting, moaning, bleeding… I was trying to calm her, encourage her.

She told me, “I need you to catch him when he comes out.” I started to come closer, but in her next gasp, the baby came rushing out of her. She caught him–I was too late, it happened too fast. However, she immediately put the baby in my arms. As if it was somehow mine as much as hers.

I specifically remember how big the newborn was. A large, heavy, healthy baby boy. I remember how proud I was to hold him. I also remember the “sigh” I heard when she caught him. It was a loud collective sigh of many people – so much relief that he was here and safe and everything was going to be ok. There was also this sense of amazement and wonder at the strength of Mary. She caught her own son as he was coming out of her. Such a warrior-queen. I’m pretty sure Mary was a LIONGIRL. : )

The imagery in my dream was so obviously Mary-Jesus-Bethlehem-esque but it didn’t feel like “back in the day.” It felt current, like it could’ve happened yesterday. I remember being shocked by her dirty nakedness…by the raw, primal intensity of her labor process out in the open at night. I was a little scared to be witnessing it. I was the only one there…just she and I. And then when the baby came and she handed him to me, Mary drifted from my awareness and it became just him and I.

Who is this miracle baby she handed to me? Jesus…a symbol of hope, light, and a new kind of divine leadership that is grounded in love, service, compassion and justice. Unconditional love, embodied courage – the kind that can save humanity. It’s in my hands. And yours. This baby born from the stars is all of ours–ours to nurture, ours to learn from, ours to share. Want to hold him?

mary and jesus

Doesn’t matter if you subscribe to a Christian worldview or not, the mythic symbolism in the dream is what’s important. Every day as humans we have the choice to take the light in our hands and do something good with it. In fact, it’s our greatest privilege and responsibility.

LIONGIRL, as an athletic brand, is more importantly an activation of a new kind of power – a spiritually-grounded and divinely enacted power that comes from our connection to our One Creative Source. LIONGIRL power is gritty and raw and sweaty and also sparkling and royal, like diamonds. It dances to the drumbeat of the earth and knows the language of the stars. Like Mary, who completely surrendered to her calling as Mother of the Messiah, we, as a LIONGIRL pride, are boldly surrendering to our Great Calling each and every day as we choose to step into a life of power, service, and leadership. (I can hear the collective sigh again.) May we all be supported as we birth light into the world, and be there to catch it for each other.

Visit the LIONGIRL pridelands on Facebook. Join the community and conversation, where we’re talking about lions, humanity, and real power.


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To Grow You Must Let Go

“To grow you must let go.”  This was my 3 a.m. wake up call. From somewhere in dreamland, my higher mind was busy.

I knew it was good, and I wanted to remember it…But it was 3 a.m. and I didn’t feel like crawling out of bed to find a pen and paper to write it down.

The dream voice kept going…”The bigger your dreams, the bigger your surrender.”

Lordy, that is good.  Groggy, I stumbled to my office, found a pen and paper and jotted down these messages.

With each letting in, with every vulnerability, there is a contraction, then a release. ..

When you are approaching a greater expansion and expression of your true essence, there is that moment of terror, that moment of “what will people think?” You’re opening up risky territory…there’s a chance for rejection. A chance for failure.

I felt this yesterday when I published the LIONGIRL Company Facebook page. I was inviting friends to the page and felt part of myself resisting. I felt the contraction, the terror of exposure. The terror of being seen (and maybe not liked, God forbid).

This morning at 3 a.m. I wrote, “It’s OK. Be willing to risk it. You’ll never know if you don’t try.”

Letting people in, letting people see the REAL YOU is kinda scary sometimes. Bless the fear and contraction that comes and then let it go like a giant gorgeous exhale. In, out, in out. This is the natural way, the only way perhaps.

As if this middle-of-the-night-full-moon revelation wasn’t enough, my little girl who was sleeping in bed with me sweetly mumbled to me when I came back to bed, “Face in toward me for awhile, mom. (I had been sleeping with my back to her). This is how I will live my life. In for awhile, then out for awhile.” She literally said this and then blissfully went back to sleep. 7 years old. 3 a.m. Who is this child?

Guess I’m being called to “face in” for awhile. To let go, to grow, to surrender big.

When I visited the royal White Lion pride in Timbavati, South Africa last November, I remember seeing them look up a lot. Maybe they were watching vultures soar overhead…but there was something about their surrender and connection in that moment. Something more mystical and beautiful. As if they were releasing every part of their experience in that moment to their Divine Source and filling up with new energy, new power, new light.

Thank you LIONGIRL for helping me grow beyond myself, so that I can step into a life of service and leadership–and for showing me what true power feels like. It’s not big. It’s not showy. It’s subtle and natural and humble. It’s looking up and exhaling. And then doing it all over again, except from a higher place of freedom.

looking up To grow, you must let go…

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“Walk in Balance with the Passing of Each Glorious Sun”


Lakota Prayer

Wakan Tanka,
Great Mystery (Great Spirit),

Teach me how to trust my heart,
Teach me how to trust my mind,
Teach me how to trust my intuition,

Teach me how to trust my inner knowing,
The senses of my body,
The blessings of my spirit.

Teach me to trust these things
so that I may enter my Sacred Space
and love beyond my fear

and thus Walk in Balance
with the passing of each glorious Sun.

Lakota Wisdom

Honor the sacred
Honor the Earth, our Mother
Honor the Elders
Honor all with whom we share the Earth

Winged ones
Plant and rock people

Walk in balance and beauty.

Aho!  Amen.

Prayer in Practice

What does it mean to “enter your Sacred Space”?

From a LIONGIRL perspective, Sacred Space is a place within your physical body where your spiritual power is anchored. It’s the holiest of holy grounds because it’s where God enters you and lives through you… Your Sacred Space is somewhere in the center of your being that is limitless, creative, divine, and eternal. Maybe you feel this radiating golden power in your heart. Maybe you can feel it in your belly. Maybe you can feel it roaring in your throat or pulsing in your lower chakras. Maybe you feel it like a royal crown on your head. Maybe the power flows and can be accessed in different places at different times. Doesn’t matter. What matters is that you touch into it, are aware of its power, and learn how to work with it as a force for good….


“The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that its center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.”

― Black Elk

What does it mean to Walk in Balance?

To Walk in Balance is to have heaven (spirituality) and earth (physicality) working together in harmony. To be able to hold both with grace and wisdom. This is the way of LIONGIRL spiritual warrior – SHE WHO HOLDS HEAVEN and EARTH in HARMONY. There is no greater power than this.

LIONGIRL pride members are highly conscious spiritual beings grounded in the sweat, rawness, and grit of this physical human existence. We’re coming down from the temples, coming down from the caves and monasteries, coming off the meditation cushions and running into the fiery world. Taking up arms, using weaponry of the heart, to blaze a new Path of Light–So bright and real and beautiful that no one/no thing can deny its glory.

lions running

The cross on the LIONGIRL logo symbolizes the balance/fusion of spirituality and physicality. In the center of which is the sacred source of your divine power.


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Who or What is LIONGIRL? What’s it about?

LIONGIRL is an emerging women’s athletic brand with a highly sacred social mission–to activate the archetypal power of lion in your personal life and in the world. Through our lion-inspired fitness wear, high-powered adventure events, and connected global community, we aim to activate the highest expression of your physical and spiritual power so you can roar more boldly in your life and make a positive difference in the world.


LIONGIRL is a brand + a community + an archetypal awakening in the hearts of humanity. LIONGIRL stands for true strength and using our POWER FOR GOOD.

It’s not just about wearing and “showing off” your physical strength and spirituality on the outside; it’s about ENACTING your spirituality and deeper strength that’s embodied and radical and evolutionary.

As a LIONGIRL, I feel stronger and more empowered to do the things that are important to me and that matter to the world.”

strong-women 486x366

The strength of one amplified by the strength of many. This is the power of the pride.

Sign up for our mailing list if you want to activate and amplify your power with other lionhearted warriors! We’re in the early phases of design for our apparel so sign up so you can be the first to know when our hats, hoodies, and tanks are ready to wear!

***Your purchase of LIONGIRL apparel and support of LIONGIRL events will contribute to the well-being of lions in the wild, particularly the protection and return of the majestic White Lions to their heartland territories in Timbavati, South Africa through the noble work of the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

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We are coming for you!

The Lions are coming; they’re coming for you! (And they’re going to devour you.)

I used to be afraid of this picture. A wise teacher told me not too long ago to find a picture that evokes fear in you…One that gets your heart racing, makes you feel like hiding.

So, I did a Google image search and this one totally did it. I saw three powerful male lions  (and likely more) racing toward me to eat me up. I was destined for a bloody, gruesome death.

My teacher told us to put the picture somewhere where we could see it every day. To spend time with it…see what wisdom and truth we could garner from it.

Well, after several weeks with the “mean” lions, something extraordinary happened. One day, I looked at the picture and my perspective had completely shifted.

No longer was I being pursued by the lions as their next meal. I was one of them. I was running with them. I was part of the pride.

I went from prey to predator. And from my new powerful perspective of BEING the LION, I wasn’t running to kill or hunt or hurt anything…I was running with a newfound sense of purpose, leadership, and courage. I was running to find more like me. My pride. Our pride.

In my imagination, our pride was growing bigger by the moment, our thunderous paws creating a roaring ripple through the body of the earth – calling more toward us. It was joyous! A true celebration. It felt like a victory lap – we had won!

We HAVE won, dear lionhearts. We have already won! You are, we are the chosen ones. You are being called back to the pride – can you hear the roar?

You are a hero. You have always been the hero. It’s time now to return to the kingdom.

We have all been on a hero’s journey – the mythic story of the development of the human soul and psyche. The archetypal “call to the quest” that helps us find ourselves…who we really are. We face and slay the dragons and then return to the kingdom to help our people. To transform our world. Our newfound courage, compassion, experience, and perspective is ready to SERVE OTHERS. We know who we are are. And we are ready to fully express ourselves in the world in wholeness and integrity.

Carol S. Pearson in her book Awakening the Heroes Within speaks of the return to the kingdom like this: “Our task then becomes to find adequate ways to express ourselves in the world, and in so doing make the contributions we alone can make to bring joy to our own lives and help the wasteland bloom.”

I don’t believe we need to walk the hero’s path alone anymore. It’s not all on my shoulders, or your shoulders…or the shoulders of the most brave and willing.

I believe it is time to roar into the kingdom as a mighty, focused pride. With spiritually-grounded strength, a servant’s heart, a warrior’s spirit, and a lover’s passion, we can (together!) announce the blooming of the wasteland–And what if, what if, it was already done? What if the land was already whole, and fertile, and blooming, and thriving? What if it just took a change of heart, a new perspective to see that the perfection has always been there.

Take a look at the picture for awhile. See if something changes for you.

Come, hero! And join the pride. We are coming for you! Let’s roar into the kingdom with a new kind of power, freedom, joy, and fierce determination that the world has been longing to feel.

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Part of Me Remains in Africa

I’m back now, but not completely.

Part of me remains in Africa.

If you look in my eyes, forgive me if I seem aloof, distant – I am still seeing the red earth of Mother Africa under my feet, heavily pregnant zebras carrying the promise of summer and a new life, herds of antelope and wildebeest sharing holy ground with the lions—intimately aware of every movement, every sound…white-backed vultures perched in leaf-less trees and circling high, high above—sacred alchemists purifying that which is dying and done.

Part of me remains in Africa.

The radiant golden sun rising and setting, rising and setting, rising and setting over the bushveld time and time again. Time passes. Time stands still. It is all the same. I remember this now.

I rise with the sun, I sleep with the stars. I am one with the Earth. She is me, I am Her.

If you ask me how it was or what we did, forgive me if I have no words. There are some experiences so intimate, so soulfully-rich, so mind-blowingly mysterious that to explain them would strip the meaning and purity away. I can only offer you a new experience of being in my presence. Perhaps you’ll feel it. Perhaps not. I’ve surrendered that, too.

I am less than I was before I went. Lighter. Dreamier. Quieter. Softer. So much of ME has been dissolved, allowing for so much more of WHO I AM to shine through.

Unraveling, dismantling the parts of ME that clung so tightly to life, to timelines, to responsibilities, to stories about what’s important and how things should be done. I have forgotten why those things mattered so much. I have forgotten why I was so stressed out. I have forgotten why I was so resentful and angry. I have forgotten why I pushed so hard.

I have remembered peace. I have remembered beauty and the perfection of stillness, of patience, of not needing anything from anyone, not needing anything from myself. Contentment.

I have remembered my place in the whole of Creation. I have remembered the song of the stars. I have remembered what it is to love deeply, untethered to expectations, unattached to outcomes. To Love for the sake of Loving.

I have remembered that it will all be okay.

I have remembered how to dance–barefoot around the fire under a full moon–to the primal pulse of my own heartbeat. A new rhythm, a new pace, a new blueprint unfolding…

I can see the Lions’ tracks in the dusty red Earth, they’ve been here through the ages and will be here forevermore. They are here to stay. They will not leave us, and I will not leave them. I will walk beside them into eternity…together, we will weave and dream and dance and roar a New Earth into being.

Diamond stardust tracks in red earth. A river of gold flowing underneath and above and within.

Part of me remains in Africa.




This is to be queen

Today I’m feeling (with great intensity and emotion) the royal power of the LIONGIRL roar. I’m asking deep in my heart: What is it to be queen? What is the coronation oath of a LIONGIRL stepping into her divine power? What is the call to service, the duty, the responsibility?

I googled Queen Elizabeth’s coronation and watched the video on YouTube. (see below) I got chills. I cried. I was moved by the ritual and ceremony, the beauty and formality, the recognition of holy power under God and the great responsibility of a queen to her people.

And then the next video “recommended for me” was about Princess Diana of Wales. I ended up sitting through a 40-minute documentary on her tormented life in the House of Windsor, her motherhood, her failing marriage, her divorce, her humanitarianism, her tragic death at age 36…just when she was beginning to fall in love again.

Ironically and blessedly, twenty years ago today, Aug. 30, was Diana’s last day on earth. She died Aug. 31, 1997. I can feel her whispering in my ear. My consciousness is filled with her sorrow, her suffering, her joy, her passion, and her sacrifice.

She lived a war. She saved a people. She died in love.

Her story brings me to my knees in grief. There’s something about her life and, even more so, about her death, that stirs my heart so intensely. Something about her screams to my soul and asks “what is real?” “what is the truth?”  “where do I stand, really, in the mix of it all?”

And then I realize that the regal allure of queenship has dimmed in my imagination; it’s not so sparkly and golden and glamorous. Not so much about the title and the power. It’s about the pain and the fortitude and the compassion and the fight for what’s right and just.

princess diana and son

A queen must abandon the safety of her throne. She must break out of the constraints of the palace walls. She must be among the people–the smell and sweat of humanity makes her come alive, born anew with purpose…one that goes beyond her own skin. She is infused with a sense of duty and even though it may feel heavy at times, she would have it no other way. She holds the world in her hands. And in her heart. A queen has come for loving service. Not for the sake of her own soul, but for the soul of the world. This is LIONGIRL.


To put a crown on your head is not to be queen.


To be on the throne, orb and scepter in hand, is not to be queen.


To sit soberly while a golden cloak is draped upon your shoulders is not to be queen.


To watch from afar, a prisoner in your own castle, is not to be queen.


To look into the eyes of children and see promise and possibility for a new world, this is to be queen.


To put hope in the hearts of the least of these, this is to be queen.


To lie awake at night, suffering the pain of a dying kingdom, this is to be queen.


To ache with a love so fierce, it drives you to your knees in surrender…To quiet yourself enough to be able to hear the chorus of an otherworldly song and then to choose to dance to THAT tune instead of the one being sold to you, this is to be queen.


No crown. No orb. No scepter. Stripped of the gowns, the jewels, the flashing lights, the noisy crowd.


To be in silence. In rapture. In peace. Unshakable courage and divine grace.


A humble servant of her people. Authentic sacrificial service that gives birth to new realities. This is to be queen.



Not Gonna Lie, This Has Nothing To Do with Lions ~ It’s a Frog Blog

*If you don’t read the whole post, at least scroll down and watch the video. But it will mean more if you read the post. So just read it : )

Long day behind the computer. Kids were fighting and tired from the new school schedule. It was time to cook dinner – “the witching hour” as moms know it. Felt like a volcano about to pop. What do I do?

Clapping my hands loudly and fiercely to get their attention: “Alright, kids, we’re going to the park. You’re going to play while I run a few loops around the lake.” They are not thrilled, but I don’t care. I AM DOING THIS, and they are coming with me. Oh, yes, I will force you to play, the evil mother I am.

I pile them in the truck (still whining and fighting). It’s a gorgeous summer evening. I’m glad I made it here. Headsets on, I take off on the small loop around the lakes at Purple Park. I stop at every bench along the way and do some pushups, tricep dips, step ups, squats, etc. I wave at my kids as I pass them. My son is sitting in the grass by himself. My daughter is alone at the top of the play structure. They are annoyed with each other, not wanting to be near the other.

I’m sweating now, breathing hard, and I can feel the wear and tear of the day melting away. I feel stronger, happier, more connected to my power with each step. After my first loop, I can see something is working for my kids, too. They are together now – they are smiling, running, playing. Music in my ears pumps me up – I smile, too, and run to the next bench.

My kids are now at the lake’s edge, discovering new things in the water – a frog in process of his transformation – a tadpole with hind legs. There are two of them in the water. My kids call me over to meet their new “friends.” Bill and Joe are their names.

I finish my second loop, grab my water, and join my kids and Bill and Joe for a few final minutes of lake discovery, and then we all pile back into the truck (this time they WANT to ride together in the back of the truck and I let them – it’s a short drive home.)

Within that one hour, we were all transformed. We reset ourselves. Wow, we are powerful like that, I think. We went from a crazy, angry, separated existence to a relaxed, happy, unified existence.

Divine intelligence knows how to change those eggs into frogs, and WE, as humans, have the power to tap into that higher knowing, that flow and pulse of life pulling us toward greater and greater possibilities. Greater and greater experiences of connection, love, and power.

Our bodies, exposed to a different environment with different stimuli, responded and gave our minds something new to focus on. Getting out of the four walls of our house (and out of the mental prison of our hamster-wheel day), freed our beyond-the-brain intelligence to interact with life (and each other) in a new way.

“Metamorphosis – I’m gonna be more than this…I’m a transformer it is true.” Check out the Metamorphosis Rap below. Sometimes we need a reminder that WE ARE MORE THAN THIS. We are powerful beyond measure. Break free. Join the #LIONGIRLpride and let’s have fun being present IN OUR BODIES, present IN OUR LIVES, and present IN THE WORLD. Powerful ambassadors for a new kind of embodied courage and power.

And if you’re local, join me at LIONGIRL LOOP for a workout and #liongirl activation. We’ll run the rolling hills around the lake, stop at the benches for some power blasts to get our hearts pumping and then activate our lion power together in circle. Maybe say hi to Bill and Joe, too : )

OMG, I’m still singing “Metamorphosis….gonna be more than this….I’m a transformer it is true…” (watch the video)